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Whatever time you go to Sherborne in Dorset, we'd like to suggest some things to take to improve your stay. Start with something to keep the rain away. You can never really be sure of the weather. An umbrella and a raincoat are a good start! If you have a DVD player in the cottage, definitely take a few great movies. It's so enjoyable to curl up in the evening and watch a classic film. Lastly we think turning up with a few things to eat and drink is a good start to your holiday - there's nothing worse than grumpy kids or friends when its time to unpack, and a little chocolate or a cup of coffee can work wonders. We're often asked which is the best place to stay, and it's so hard to answer, it really depends what you are looking for.

Cottage prices in Sherborne will range from high to low throughout the year, but clearly the summer months will be the most expensive as remand increases. The school summer holidays generally run from the middle of July to late August. If you want to avoid half-term in the summer, draw a line through the first two weeks of June. Booking early is always a good idea. You have a much better chance of getting your preferred date and accommodation. But, that doesn't mean its impossible to get a late booking. Some of the best cottages in the UK are fiercely independent and have incredibly high standards, and more recently the rise of agencies has helped increase standards right across the board.
When you're searching for the best cottage for your stay, make sure that you've thought through the bedroom needs and allocation. If you have young kids in the party you may want to think twice about open fires, and of course some of the oldest cottages may have lower ceilings than those you are used to. Dog owners often like to spend their holidays in the UK so that they can take their four legged friends with them. Not all places will welcome pets so please make sure that it's either clearly marked on the booking website, or if not drop a quick line to the owner to make sure. Dorset is very popular with tourists so if you're struggling to find that perfect Sherborne cottage, there's plenty more to discover on our site.

We think that self-catering is the best way to holiday in Sherborne, Dorset. It's so much more relaxing when you can eat when it suits you - cooking exactly when you want (and whatever you want). And it also gives the freedom of eating out without needing to reorganise any plans in your accomodation. You don't need to tell anyone, just sit down and order! We know many people who consider a holiday cottage as the perfect way to wind down after a busy urban lifestyle - sleep in, take lazy walks through the countryside and take more time over meals. On the other hand, there's a growing proportion of visitors who use their time away from home to get fitter and try new things - such as mountain biking, horse riding or canoeing.
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Dorset is situated in the South / South West of England, and one of the UKs most desirable locations for a cottage holiday.

Many people come to Dorset to take advantage of the sailing on offer, mainly around Weymouth, Poole, Christchurch and Lyme Regis. There are many places to learn to sail or improve your craft - and you can even take on the challenge of sailing over to the Isle of Wight.

Perhaps the most famous part of the Dorset coastline however is the Jurassic Coast which has been granted World Heritage status. Its incredible history and formations give us insight ... (more)


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